Falcon Raceway


Falcon Raceway started out as a result of my love for Nascar racing and also an interested in
building a routed modular race track.
At the begining of 2010 I started building the sections you see here in the first picture.
Prior to this the track was built as a six lane analogue race track but due to space and
the ability to transport it I changed to a three lane digital track.
After the initial build a pit lane was introduced and the track was extended by another six feet..
This stayed the same untill the begining of 2011.
Four new sections were then built which extends the oval by another six feet but makes a
completely new circuit (the Gt circuit as seen on the home page).
As all the section building continued version 5 of the ssdc software was introduced which
includes full championship as well as pit stop & fuel strategy.
We also run multi pace cars usually 5 racing with 6 pace cars on the oval.

So this brings us up to the beginning of 2013.
The race tracks are used fortnightly for club racing also events and parties.
Also in production at the moment are another two six foot straights both with two single
changers and four ninety degree 1200 mm radius turns. These will lenghten both the Gt and the
oval again. They will also make another circuit (the Indy circuit).
The latest addition is the introduction of truspeed controllers for club use only. (First picture of the original oval)

Summary of race tracks
Oval (1) 1.6 x 5.2 Running lengh 11.4 metres
Oval (2) 1.6 x 7.0 Running lengh 15 metres
Oval (3) 1.6 x 8.8 Running lengh 18.6 metres
Oval (4) 1.6 x 10.6 Running lengh 22.2 metres 4 additional changers (in production)

Gt Scalextric Sport track Running lenght 27 metres

Gt track (1) 4.0 x 8.8 Running lengh 24 metres
Gt track (2) 4.0 x 10.6 Running lengh 27.6 metres (in production)

Indy circuit 4.2 x 10.6 Running lengh 24 metres (in production)

( The oval race track now)


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